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“Internet + medical treatment” — the catalyst of logistics distribution


“Internet + medical treatment” — the catalyst of logistics distribution

2021年2月22日 0newstrade news

1. Internet hospitals

As a carrier of telemedicine, Internet hospitals are allowed to rely on medical institutions in the Opinions on Promoting the Development of “Internet + Medical and Health” released by the General Office of the State Council in April 2018.There are three models of Internet hospitals in China: hand-held hospitals, Internet hospitals dominated by physical medical institutions, and Internet hospitals dominated by third-party institutions.

Handheld hospital

Palm hospital (also known as mobile Internet hospital) refers to online registration, medical insurance payment, report inquiry and other functions.Through mobile devices (such as mobile phone, iPad) and mobile channels (such as WeChaWeChatB1 official account, APP).

Internet hospitals led by physical medical institutions.

Internet hospitals (including remote hospitals), led by physical medical institutions, adopt the model of “hospital + pharmacy”, in which hospitals cooperate with chain drugstores to conduct online consultation and prescribe drugs through video consultation.Patients choose to buy drugs locally or go to the hospital for further examination according to the doctor’s advice.

A third party agency leads the Internet hospital

Internet hospitals led by third-party institutions mainly rely on the operation model of remote diagnosis.Patients can complete online registration and pre-diagnosis, and then find the right doctor to diagnose the disease in advance according to the condition.For the part that requires face-to-face examination, doctors at the local hospital will conduct face-to-face examination and then send the diagnosis back to the online platform, where the online expert doctors will make follow-up diagnosis.

2. Online consultation/consultation

Online consultation is one of the more mature application scenarios since the Internet medical treatment was put forward.Since January 24, many medical institutions in Wuhan, Hubei province, have opened online consultation services for the general public in order to reduce cross-infection caused by the flow of staff, which caused many hospitals to be short of resources and affected by traffic control during the epidemic.After online consultation, if the conditions of drug prescribing are met, the doctor will issue the prescription, complete the online payment after the review of the pharmacist, and the professional medical delivery personnel will deliver the drug to the home, which greatly facilitates the patient’s medical treatment and medication.

In the wake of the outbreak, many Internet healthcare platforms have also launched their own online healthcare services.According to data released by Ping An Good Doctor, the platform received 1.11 billion visitors during the epidemic period, and videos related to epidemic prevention were viewed over 98 million times.As of 24:00 on February 8, Ali Health consultation page has received nearly 10 million page views and more than 930,000 online consultation users.

3. Chronic disease management

Currently, about 400 million people in China suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.Medication for people with chronic diseases is also a pressing issue during the epidemic.”The Internet Hospital of People’s Hospital of Wuhan University has opened a new convenient function of “video consultation and door-to-door delivery”, which has solved the problem of “difficulty in prescribing drugs” for patients with chronic diseases in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Endocrinology in Wuhan.After logging in the relevant APP, patients with chronic diseases can go through the mode of doctor video consultation – online prescription – pharmacist online review – patient online payment – express home, so as to maximize the convenience of seeing a doctor and prescribing drugs for returning patients.

4. Selling prescription drugs online

At the end of August 2019, a new amendment to the Drug Administration Law was issued, making the ban on online sales of prescription drugs a thing of the past and allowing drug business license holders and pharmaceutical companies to sell prescription drugs via the Internet, except for drugs under special state management.This breakthrough means that a large part of the online drug sales market has been opened, which is a rare development opportunity for the pharmaceutical logistics industry, the whole industry is looking forward to the introduction of specific management measures.

5. Online drug purchases are covered by medical insurance

Medical insurance payment is the biggest bottleneck that restricts the development of Internet medical treatment, and it is also one of the most important influencing factors for patients to choose online medical treatment.In 2019, the National Medical Insurance Administration issued the Guiding Opinions on Improving Internet Plus Medical Service Price and Medical Insurance Payment Policies, which included telemedicine in the medical insurance system.On March 2, the national health insurance bureau, national WeiJianWei issued “about during COVID – 19 control pneumonia for promoting the development of the medical insurance service” Internet + “guidance”, clear the Internet medical institutions to ginseng protect personnel to prescribe electronics online, offline take a variety of flexible arrangement way, ginseng protect personnel to enjoy medical insurance payment.

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