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The development opportunity of pharmaceutical logistics terminal distribution


The development opportunity of pharmaceutical logistics terminal distribution

2021年2月22日 0news

An important link of network medical treatment is to ensure that drugs can be delivered to patients timely, safely and accurately.Most medicines are delivered to patients through door-to-door delivery, with the exception of some patients who go to a hospital or pharmacy to get their own medicine.Therefore, it is very important to establish a terminal distribution system in line with the requirements of “Internet + medical treatment”.The use of network medical treatment to solve the problem of patients’ medical use, its access to drugs mainly has three ways, that is, hospital pharmacy, cooperative drugstore and online drug purchase (only can buy drugs online), therefore, drug home delivery is the inevitable trend of terminal distribution, pharmaceutical logistics industry should also be arranged as soon as possible.

I. Establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with hospitals

According to the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Development of “Internet + Medical and Health Care”, “prescriptions for common diseases and chronic diseases prescribed on the Internet can be approved by pharmacists, and third-party institutions such as medical institutions and drug distributors can be entrusted with distribution.Pharmaceutical logistics enterprises can establish long-term cooperation relationship with hospitals for on-site drug delivery services. This cooperation mode is applicable to:

Chinese medicine decoction delivery service

Patients online consultation, after the prescription review, payment and other procedures, the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy or hospital prescribed medicine, the pharmaceutical logistics enterprises can carry out traditional Chinese medicine delivery door-to-door.First of all, most of the people who take traditional Chinese medicine are the elderly, who have difficulty in moving.Secondly, the public’s awareness of TCM is constantly improving, and TCM has better development space in the future.

Door-to-door service of medicine delivery

Some drugs can be hard to get at pharmacies because of doctors’ prescriptions, which requires third parties to take on the task of delivering them home and possibly across regions.

II. Responsible for the door-to-door business of drug delivery in retail pharmacies

Pharmacies that cooperate with online hospitals or online consultation platforms;

One big advantage of Internet medicine is that patients can pick up their medicine from a nearby pharmacy, and many pharmacies now offer home delivery services.Most cities are now through the take-out (hungry yao, Meituan, etc.) into the hands of consumers, with the development of the network medical, expanding business scale, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises can consider to undertake in the local retail pharmacies pharmaceutical distribution business, especially those who have cooperation relationship with network or the Internet counseling platform of pharmacy.

Online ordering with

The national policy encourages online store ordering, which is also a model to encourage the sale of prescription drugs. Through the compliance of the online store ordering model, Internet hospitals have issued electronic prescriptions that meet the standards. In addition, the open online sale of prescription drugs has led to an increasing proportion of these prescriptions.

Three, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises have advantages in temperature control transportation

Drugs require cold chain logistics

With the rapid development of online medical care and online prescription drug sales, a considerable proportion of drug products delivered to your door will need cold chain transportation, such as insulin.Because cold chain transport needs to invest in cold chain transport equipment, this part of the cost is relatively high, in fact, in the current door-to-door transport of drug delivery can achieve cold chain transport enterprises are relatively few.Therefore, for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics enterprises, it can be considered as an integral part of future business development.

Four seasons constant temperature logistics transportation

One of the characteristics of domestic pharmaceutical transportation is that the external temperature varies greatly throughout the year, especially in the summer heat, even if the minimum temperature requirements of normal temperature drugs are also between 10℃ and 25℃ transportation.Therefore, when the season is different from the temperature control requirements of transportation, transportation also needs temperature control equipment, which is also the advantage of pharmaceutical logistics enterprises due to ordinary express and takeout.

But we should also see clearly, in the face of these development opportunities, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises are also facing the corresponding challenges.

Cost pressure

If pharmaceutical logistics enterprises enter the field of retail terminal drug door-to-door delivery, in addition to the completion of the previous basic business, but also to invest a lot of manpower, vehicles, equipment, etc., to support the distribution business of retail terminal.Low load ratio is also a problem to be considered, especially for long distance transport across the region, which will face the pressure of high return load ratio.

How to supervise and manage

How to meet the requirements of drug traceability system, and how to ensure the safety of drug transportation and other related management requirements when delivering drugs to door-to-door?

Fierce market competition

Over the years, SF Medicine, JD Health and other enterprises set foot in the field of pharmaceutical logistics, not only have a perfect terminal distribution system, but also have professional pharmaceutical delivery personnel and equipment.During the anti-epidemic period, SF medicine made many breakthroughs in door-to-door delivery of insulin, medicine and other businesses.Therefore, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises are also facing fierce market competition.

In short, after the outbreak of the epidemic, network medical treatment will enter a new stage of development, drug delivery will also become the inevitable trend of terminal pharmaceutical transportation.Pharmaceutical logistics enterprises in the face of many uncertainties and challenges at the same time, must do a good job in advance, seize the development opportunities.

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