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Development trend of cold chain logistics companies


Development trend of cold chain logistics companies

2021年2月22日 0news

Usually we notice that the logistics is generally a piece of that kind of goods.While we know about cold chain logistics, we don’t know much about it.In addition, the development of cold chain logistics in China is slow and the cost is high.Cold chain logistics is one of the main departments of logistics industry.It’s not well known, but it’s still a large percentage.

Cold chain logistics generally refers to the systematic engineering that frozen food is always in the specified low temperature environment before production, storage, transportation, sales and consumption, so as to ensure food quality and reduce food loss.

Affected by the financial crisis, the logistics industry has been a certain impact.However, with the introduction of government support policies, China’s economy has also recovered, and the logistics industry has entered a higher stage of development.So, what is the development trend of cold chain logistics at present?

At present, the development trend of cold chain logistics includes:

With the rapid and stable development of the national economy, the scale of the logistics industry will continue to expand rapidly.

Adapt to the adjustment of economic structure and industrial distribution.The concentration degree of logistics industry is further improved.

With the further expansion of the logistics market, the division of labor in the logistics industry will be more and more detailed.

Logistics services are increasingly diversified.Integrated logistics service based on modern information technology, transportation technology and management technology will be widely used.

The pace of technological progress and innovation in the logistics industry has been accelerated, and the level of modernization has been further improved.

Cooperation and interaction will become an important way to realize the scale expansion and coordinated development of logistics industry.

The system environment of the development of the logistics industry is increasingly standardized, and the market order and environmental conditions are further optimized.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the demand for food is getting higher and higher, and the application of cold chain logistics is becoming more and more extensive.Not only food, but also some special goods can not be separated from cold chain logistics, such as medicine.Due to these demands, in order to ensure the quality of goods, the requirements for cold chain logistics technology and quality are relatively high, but China’s cold chain logistics technology is not particularly perfect, there are still some defects.

The disadvantage is that:

Inadequate facilities.China’s cold chain facilities and equipment are seriously insufficient, the original facilities and equipment are obsolete, and the development and distribution are unbalanced, which cannot provide low temperature guarantee for perishable food circulation system.Fruits, vegetables and aquatic products are mostly transported by ordinary trucks, while milk and dairy products are transported without cold chain protection.

Lack of technical standards.There is a big gap between China’s cold chain technology and the international advanced level.Moreover, there is no special national or industrial standard for the implementation of cold chain in China, and only some large food production and processing enterprises have developed some standards themselves, and there is a gap in supervision.

Incomplete industrial facilities.The timeliness of perishable food requires that each link of the cold chain must have a high organizational coordination.However, China’s cold chain industry lacks an overall development plan, which affects the resource integration of the food cold chain and the lack of supporting coordination between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

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